How can i text my boyfriend without it showing up on my phone bill?

Check out third-party texting apps so that you can text your boyfriend without anything showing on your phone bill.

You may try CoverMe, the ultimate secure messaging app providing private texting, secure phone calls, fun and safe sharing of personal photos & videos, with an impenetrable vault for protecting your secret contacts, call logs, messages, documents, notes, passwords, and private photos & videos from prying eyes.

CoverMe provides disposable phone numbers which mask your real phone number. Now you can call and text any person without revealing your personal phone number. Call and text records won’t show up on your phone bill.

Not everybody uses WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and there are some instances where a good old SMS message is still preferred. If you want to make use of your unlimited free texts, here is a list of the best free texting apps for Android shared by

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