How can i tell if my man is cheating

The top five ways to tell if your man is cheating on you are:

  1. Look for changes in his grooming habits. For instance, if he starts dressing nicer, showering more frequently, wearing more cologne or starts doing his own laundry.

  2. If your man is seeing someone else, then his excitement about their relationship may show. He may constantly bring up a new girl's name in a conversation, start losing interest in taking vacations or spending time with you, and he may stop talking about long term relationship plans with you.

  3. Cheaters need to spend time with their new love interest, so he will usually make up excuses to be away from home by working late, traveling for business more and running unexplained errands.

  4. Pay attention to his cell phone habits. If he becomes increasingly private about his cell phone usage that may be a clue. He may turn his ringer off or take longer to call you back. You can try asking to use his phone: If he becomes nervous or uncomfortable, then there may be something he's hiding.

  5. A straying boyfriend will usually lose interest in sex and may become "too tired" for you. Although, a careful cheater will know that you might suspect something's up if there's a change in your sex life, so may try to keep things normal in the bedroom. Also, watch for any new sex moves.

Fergie, from Black Eyed Peas, recently sat down with Oprah to discuss her marriage to Josh Duhamel, and his much talked about affair with another woman back in 2009. Oprah asked “Tell me, nine months into your marriage, rumors begin to swirl about him being with a stripper. How was that for your marriage? How did you all get through that? Obviously, you got through it. You’re still here”.

Fergie responded that it was difficult, and “When you go through difficult times it really makes you stronger as a unit. As a partnership. It does for us, anyway. Our love today is a deeper love.”