How can I drink without the scram monitor detecting alcohol?

Not Legal Advice: There is no way you can drink alcohol without being detected by the SCRAM CAM since the SCRAM CAM bracelet can detect even very low-level drinking events. And... if anything is placed between the skin and the bracelet or there’s any alteration to the baseline IR sensor, SCRAM CAM will generate an Obstruction Alert.

The SCRAM tether is owned and invented by Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc. (AMS) located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. In 1993, Jeff Hawthorne co-invented the device and founded AMS in 1997. SCRAM was introduced in 2003 to the criminal justice market by AMS and is presently used in 48 states and monitors over 184,000 clients.

In preparation for Super Bowl weekend, the San Bernardino County Probation Department’s DUI Unit placed 30 high risk offenders on Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring devices (SCRAM). The week long operation, nicknamed “Super SCRAM,” remotely monitored the probationer’s alcohol consumption over a 7 day period, covering the "Big Game". Learn more at Highland Community News.

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