How big are Beth Chapmans (dog the bounty hunters wife) breasts?

Beth Chapman, wife of bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman has a breast size of 42D. She is 5'7'', and weighs approximately 180 pounds. Her measurements are 42-26-32.

Beth Chapman was born on October 29, 1967 in Denver, CO. She is Dog the Bounty Hunter's 5th wife. The couple have four children together, Cecily Chapman, Bonnie Jo Chapman, Garry Chapman and Dominic Chapman. Beth manages Da Kine Bail Bonds with her husband.

Recently, A&E pulled the plug on Dog the Bounty Hunter's show after negotiations broke down. However, CMT just announced they are ordering 10 episodes of the unscripted "DOG". The show is going to focus on Dog and Beth Chapman’s "journey into the American heartland" as they aid other bounty hunters to catch fugitives.

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Updated on Sunday, September 30 2012 at 03:33AM EDT