has stephanie abrams from the weather channel ever posed nude?

Stephanie Abrams is co-host of the Weather Channel's Wake Up With Al and co-host of Abrams and Bettes: Beyond the Forecast.

The Florida native has never posed nude for any published photographs.

Abrams started with The Weather Channel in 2003 and spent a major part of 2004-05 reporting live during the historic hurricanes, the biggest of which was Katrina.

In discussing it she said that she was personally most impacted by Katrina, "When I was in Mississippi right after landfall, I couldn't believe the destruction I was seeing was actually real."

Naturally, having gown up in South Florida, she's no stranger to hurricanes, and she reports that Hurricane Andrew has left a lasting impact on her.

Wednesday, March 07 2012
Source: http://ab.weather.com/abramsbio.html

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