Has Jeri ryan ever posed nude?

To date Jeri Ryan (born Jeri Lynn Zimmerman on February 22, 1968 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany) has not posed nude for anything released to the public.

In an interview she revealed that she never will; Ryan says she doesn’t want her son's friends to “goof on him when they find nudie pix of Mom.”

The closest you're likely to find of naughty shots of Ryan were when she wore underwear in the comedy The Last Man (2000) and a bikini in the TV movie Co-Ed Call Girl (1996).

Jeri is best known for her role as Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager (1997-2001), and word is that she's going to be returning as the ex-wife of Pete Lattimer in season 4 of the SyFy series Warehouse 13.

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Sunday, September 09 2012
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