FWD: What is a orange round pill with TV on one side and 7154 on the other?

Not Medical Advice

Although you're right, it does look a little bit orange-like, it's officially listed as "tan".

A round tan pill with the imprint TV on the front, and 7154 on the back of it is 20mg of Simvastatin (made by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA).

Simvastatin is a statin that is used to treat high cholesterol, familial homozygous, cardiovascular risk reduction, high cholesterol, hyperlipoproteinemia, and familial heterozygous, among other illnesses.

There is a low risk of abuse with this drug.

This prescription-only medication is not for use during pregnancy, and should be used only under a doctor's supervision.

EverydayHealth offers tips for Getting the Most From Your Statins, and the Huffington Post's Dr. Mark Hyman provides 7 Tips to Fix Your Cholesterol Without Medication.

In "too much of a good thing" news, Forbes is reporting that taking statins can result in slightly higher glucose levels, and this can lead to a diagnosis of diabetes in a small but statistically significant number of people.

Sunday, September 28 2014
Source: http://www.drugs.com/imprints/tv-7154-16590.html