does taylor chanel really have 3 breasts?

The photos and videos of adult film actress Taylor Chanel having 3 breasts are the result of prosthetics and make up. While we were able to find plenty of pictures of her displaying her "three breasts," there were even more of her that clearly show her having only the expected two breasts.

Taylor is from Upland, California, was born December 19, 1985, stands 5' 4" tall, measures 32D-24-33, and began working in adult films in 2008.

Note: There are conditions such as polymastia, mammae erraticae, and supernumerary breasts, that can cause extra breast tissue to grow, sometimes under the arm pit, or even on the foot, but Chanel does not suffer from any of these conditions.

Just like Kaitlyn Leeb in the 2012 remake of "Total Recall" the third breast is fake.

Updated on Monday, July 22 2013 at 09:58AM EDT
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