Does soaking your hands in gasoline make them harder?

Not Medical Advice: Some says that it’s an old school technique boxers use to make their fists hard as stone, however the practice wasn't scientifically proven true.

What is known is that gasoline is a skin irritant. Some effects of skin contact with gasoline include rashes, redness and swelling.

Those who are exposed to gasoline are susceptible to the following health effects:

  • Airways and lungs - breathing difficulty, throat swelling
  • Eyes, ears, nose, throat - pain, vision loss
  • Gastrointestinal - abdominal pain, blood stools, burns of the esophagus, vomiting (possibly with blood)
  • Heart and blood - collapse, low blood pressure (develops rapidly)
  • Nervous system - convulsions, depression, dizziness, drowsiness, feeling of being drunk, headache, loss of alertness, staggering, seizures, weakness

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