Does navy federal credit union do notaries?

Yes. Navy Federal Credit Union offers free notary service (up to two documents per week; certain restrictions apply/not available in all areas). Each additional $5.00 per document should not exceed the local jurisdiction fee maximum.

Notary Public Service is applicable in all jurisdictions except California and Louisiana.

In California, Notary Public Service is limited to Navy Federal-related documents only. Navy Federal does not offer Notary Public Service in Louisiana. Members in Louisiana need to seek the advice of an attorney.

Due to the potential legal ramifications, Navy Federal does not notarize wills. Wills should be notarized by an attorney authorized to do so.

An important benefit of Navy Federal Credit Union membership is that most Navy Federal Credit Union fees and charges are lower than comparable ones at other financial institutions.

They're designed to recover only the approximate overall cost to the membership for the services provided. See List Schedule of Fees.

For inquiries, see Navy Federal's Contact Us page for key contacts.

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