Does bridgestone actually make the black quiet basketball that is in the commercial?

Bridgestone is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world. They maintain their top spot, in part, through innovation. An example of this is the commercial for their new technology called Serenity Technology available on their Turanza line of tires. To demonstrate the noise muffling ability of this technology, the commercial shows a basketball that has been made out of Serenity Technology material being dribbled. It is ridiculously quiet, barely making a noise.

Bridgestone really did make a limited number of the super-quiet “Performance Balls.” In early 2012 Bridgestone announced a giveaway promotion. The prizes for the 144 winners were basketballs, footballs and hockey pucks made from the Serenity Technology material as seen in Bridgestone’s commercials. Plans to sell the balls and pucks have not been announced.