Does Ashton Kutcher's brother have down-syndrome?

No. Michael Kutcher, Ashton Kutcher's twin brother, was born with 'cerebral palsy'.

As explained by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, cerebral palsy refers to a group of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination Cerebral palsy (CP) is caused by damage to or abnormalities inside the developing brain that disrupt the brain’s ability to control movement and maintain posture and balance. The term cerebral refers to the brain; palsy refers to the loss or impairment of motor function.

Cerebral palsy affects the motor area of the brain’s outer layer (called the cerebral cortex), the part of the brain that directs muscle movement.

In some cases, the cerebral motor cortex hasn’t developed normally during fetal growth. In others, the damage is a result of injury to the brain either before, during, or after birth. In either case, the damage is not repairable and the disabilities that result are permanent.

Children with CP exhibit a wide variety of symptoms, including:

lack of muscle coordination when performing voluntary movements (ataxia);

stiff or tight muscles and exaggerated reflexes (spasticity);

weakness in one or more arm or leg;

walking on the toes, a crouched gait, or a “scissored” gait;

variations in muscle tone, either too stiff or too floppy;

excessive drooling or difficulties swallowing or speaking;

shaking (tremor) or random involuntary movements;

delays in reaching motor skill milestones; and

difficulty with precise movements such as writing or buttoning a shirt.

Cerebral palsy is caused by abnormal development of part of the brain or by damage to parts of the brain that control movement. This damage can occur before, during, or shortly after birth.

In many cases, the cause of cerebral palsy is unknown. Possible causes include genetic abnormalities, congenital brain malformations, maternal infections or fevers, or fetal injury, for example.

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