Do they fine NFL players for giving the football to a fan after a touchdown ?

We have seen many instances of the NFL fining players for giving away the footballs to fans. Although we could find nothing concrete in the NFL rulebook, the reasons most cited for fining the players was Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Delay of Game.

Excessive celebrations in the end zone are considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct in the NFL, and in some cases, they extend that to include giving away the ball. Other actions that can be considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct by the referees are “abusive or threatening language, using baiting or taunting acts or words, and possession or use of foreign or extraneous objects that are not part of the uniform or using the ball as a prop.”

In 2015, Cam Newton, who started handing footballs to children in October 2011 after the Panthers scored a touchdown, was rumored to have fined $253,552 for giving away footballs to kids.

But that thing never happened - in fact, he’s never been fined at all for it, according to The Charlotte Observer.

It is true that throwing the ball into the stands during a game constitutes a $5,512 fine, but one is not fined for handing the ball to a fan in the stands.

Below is a list of what NFL players can be fined for, shared by CBS Sports.

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