Do squirrels sleep with their eyes open? If not, how do they sleep?

According to anecdotal reports from The Squirrel Board, some squirrels sleep with their eyes open.

Squirrels can be busy little fellas, living out their lives running around hoarding and gathering food, mating and raising young. With all that scrambling, sleep is an essential part of squirrel's lives.

Squirrels' sleep habits vary among species, generally according to whether they are ground squirrels or tree squirrels. This concludes where they spend most of their lives as well as where they retreat to for sleep.

For a tree squirrel, getting some sleep requires a cozy den. Many squirrels, including the fox squirrel, the gray squirrel and the red squirrel, create their dens in the sides of trees. Squirrels spruce up their digs with bedding such as leaves or moss. Many of them resort to using dens for long winters.

During warmer months, a dray might serve for sleep and for raising babies. A dray consists of twigs and leaves arranged as a nest and tucked away in the branches of a tree.

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