Do mountain lions exist in the mointains of Santa monica California or near other mountains close to the city

Yes. Approximately 10 to 15 mountain lions are currently thought to be living in the Santa Monica Mountains, located about 2 miles north of Santa Monica, California. 26 mountain lions, also known as pumas, have been studied by National Park Service biologists since 2002 in the area of the Santa Monica Mountains.

It's possible that the mountain lions will be able to continue living there for centuries, but it's difficult for them to sustain a larger population and the lack of exposure to other lions from outside the area leads to the problems associated with inbreeding.

Their biggest problems are conflicts between mountain lions over territory and the problems that arise from being confined by boundaries with the local freeways, cities, and suburbs. Several mountain lions have been killed by collisions with vehicles on the freeways and one had to be killed by wildlife agents in May 2012, when it wandered onto the streets of Santa Monica and became aggressive when confronted.

There's also a larger population of bobcats in the Santa Monica Mountains, with 300 bobcats being tracked by the National Park Service over the past 17 years.

On January 30, 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned 12 mouse and rat poisons produced by the maker of D-Con because they have contributed to the deaths of several species of wild animals, such as the death of a female mountain lion in Thousand Oaks, CA in October 2012 that is thought to be due at least partially to rodenticide poisoning.

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