Did selena gomez pose for playboy?

No. Though there were many rumors about it and a photoshopped image of a Playboy cover with her on it that was seen by many online, Selena Gomez has not posed for Playboy. She recently turned down a $2 million offer to pose for the magazine.

She has never posed naked in any way, but she has appeared in a bikini in the movie Monte Carlo, as well as her new film Spring Breakers and the promotional posters for it.

A lot of the reason for the buzz about the possible Playboy appearance was related to the release of Spring Breakers on March 22, 2013, but it's not believed that the fake cover image was released on purpose to garner publicity for the movie. The film is Selena Gomez's first role in an R-rated movie, which many feel is the last step of her transition into playing more adult characters.

Selena Gomez has admitted that living her private life in public after her break-up from Justin Bieber made her "stressed out". The high-profile pair are believed to have split at the end of last year, but in recent months have been romantically linked again. Find out more at the Belfast Telegraph.

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