Did james roday have heart surgery

James Roday (real name: James David Rodriguez), who has been playing Shawn Spencer on TV's Psych since 2006, has a large scar on his chest that's rarely been seen on film, but is believed to have never have publicly addressed where the scar came from.

Because of its position on the chest and its appearance, it has been speculated that the scar is either from open heart surgery or cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker placement.

James Roday has also starred in the film Rolling Kansas (2003) and appeared in the 2005 film The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) as Billy Prickett, and in the 2006 film Beerfest (2006). Roday and writing partners Todd Harthan and James DeMonaco wrote the screenplay for the film Skinwalkers (2006).

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Monday, August 15 2016
Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0734442/bio

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