Did CM Punk go to college?

CM Punk (born Phillip Jack Brooks on October 26, 1978 in Chicago, Illinois) did not go to a traditional college.

As a teenager we became a highly disciplined fighter in kick boxing and karate. Remaining drug and alcohol free he became part of the Straight Edge Movement and stayed focused on his fighting. In his early 20s he decided to join the Steel Domain Wrestling School where he was trained by Ace Steel.

Using his Straight Edge attitude as his ring gimmick, he quickly rose through the ranks of Indy Wrestling, and was offered a try out for the WWE, followed by a WWE contract later that year.

At this point he attended the WWE Development School, rising quickly through those ranks as well, and was soon offered a shot at a main WWE show, debuting in 2006 in the ECW.

Still a huge star today, all the buzz is about his matchup with Daniel Bryan at Over the Limit 2012, on May 20.

If you were ever curious what the CM stands for in CM Punk, it's a rather non-threatening Cookie Master! It was a nickname that his mother gave him because he loved cookies as a kid.

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Sunday, May 13 2012
Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1516006/bio