Can you use brown sugar for Kool-Aid as a substitute for white sugar? Should I add more or less?

Yes. Brown sugar can be used. It will affect the coloring though.

White sugars are refined brown sugars and they taste sweeter than their counterparts so you tend to add more.

It is often said that brown sugar is a healthier option than white sugar. But in reality, brown sugar is most often ordinary table sugar that is turned brown by the reintroduction of molasses.

Because of its molasses content, brown sugar does contain certain minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. White sugar contains none of these.

Tip! There are so many fun ways to mix it up with Kool-Aid. Use your favorite Kool-Aid to make a variety of delicious beverages and sweet treats that are sure to please.

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Tuesday, January 24 2017