Can you scrap a car without a title

Not Legal Advice: Yes. In most cases, as long as you have your driver's license and a copy of your registration, no title is no problem. Call the junkyard ahead to confirm. If the car is abandoned, it is suggested that you take pictures of the car and date how long it was left on your property before starting to cut the vehicle up.

Additionally, there are several ways to claim abandoned cars and sell them for cash. Once a person has determined why he/she does not have papers for the car, he/she can begin searching for a place to sell it.

If you can’t find a junkyard for the car, find a shop with heavy machinery tools and disassemble the vehicle. Cut up the body of the car into small pieces that will not be acknowledged as a car. Once done cutting, you can take the parts to a junkyard and sell them as scrap metal. If you own the vehicle by purchase or eminent domain, this is not illegal.

In the news, police said a new Missouri law was helping thieves scrap out stolen cars for cash. Read more at

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