Can you salvage gold from old televisions?

Gold can be salvaged out of nearly any electronic device. This is because of gold’s conductivity that makes it a popular metal for use in electronics. The problem for a salvager is that the amount of gold in an old television or computer or other electronic device is very small. Even at a strong price of gold by weight, the amount of gold in these electronics is negligible.

Old television sets can also contain metals like lead and cadmium. Someone salvaging the TV for this scrap value would be lucky to find $10 worth of scrap lead and cadmium in an old TV set. Even that value is based on the lead and cadmium in the set being 99% pure.

More modern televisions may contain a CPU (central processing unit). CPUs contain up to 0.25 grams of gold. Considering this is nearly pure gold and a recycler could find someone to pay current top dollar for scrap, this would be worth about $13.

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