Can you have melanoma if the mole has hair growing out of it?

Not medical advice: Yes. A mole can develop melanoma even if it has hair growing out of it. Moles with and moles without hair have the same chances of becoming cancerous. Normal moles are usually round or oval and about the size of a pencil eraser. Colors can be black, tan, or brown.

Remember A-B-C-D-E when looking for melanoma symptoms and signs:

Asymmetrical shape. Watch for moles with irregular shapes and halves that differ from one another.

Irregular border. Watch for moles with jagged or blurred borders.

Changes in color. Watch for growths that contain more than one different color.

Diameter. Watch for growths larger than a pencil eraser (1/4 inches).

Evolving. Watch for moles that bleed, itch, have changed shape or color, or have increased in size.

New research suggests that asepigallocatechingallate (EGCg) derived from green tea can help shrink and remove skin cancers like melanoma and epidermoid carcinoma with no known side effects on other tissues or cells.

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