Can you die from lupus?

Not Medical Advice: Sadly, you can die from lupus. It is believed that 10%-15% of people with lupus will die due to complications of the illness. Most people with the disease are able to live a normal life span.

1.5 million Americans have a form of lupus. 90% of those diagnosed are women. Most people will develop lupus between the ages of 15 and 44. Systemic lupus accounts for about 70% of all cases. Cutaneous lupus (affecting only the skin) makes up about 10% of all lupus cases. Drug-induced lupus (caused by high doses of certain medications) makes up about 10% of all lupus cases.

There is currently no cure for lupus.Treatment includes decreasing inflammation caused by the disease, preventing flare-ups, managing fatigue, joint paint, and swelling, and minimizing organ damage and complications.

Of interest, in 2012 Nick Cannon was diagnosed with lupus nephritis, an autoimmune condition that affects the kidneys. In a recent interview he said, "his health has actually improved since his initial diagnosis." Today he actively educates people about the disease and how keeps it from taking over his life. Find out more from the Huffington Post.

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Wednesday, April 16 2014