Can you die from a Chinese knockout?

Not Medical Advice: Yes, there are reports that the Choking Game or Chinese Knockout in some cases causes death.

Hundreds of youths are losing to "the choking game," a practice where kids suffocate themselves to get a quick feeling of euphoria, however are in turn killing their brain cells and ending up dead. According to Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the "game," there have been more than 900 deaths reported as a result of the perilous activity and there might be more.

The strangulation is usually done by the kid themselves or by another person. The Center for Disease Control lists warning signs as frequent headaches, bloodshot eyes, marks on the neck, and ropes, scares and belts found knotted to stop the tragedy before it's too late.

"Within three minutes of continued strangulation (i.e., hanging), basic functions such as memory, balance, and the central nervous system start to fail. Death occurs shortly after," the CDC site reads.

For the kids who survive, seizures, coma, concussions, or hemorrhages of the eye might occur.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates there were 82 likely choking game deaths among children ages six to 19 between the years 1995 and 2007. Of these deaths, 81 were male. The good news is that you, as a parent or caregiver, can prevent your child from playing the choking game, learn more at