Can u get a fingerprint off of a brick or rock?

Yes. Back in 2003, scientists proposed sprays that have iodine-benzoflavone or ruthenium tetroxide as a way of lifting prints from rough surfaces. The sprays are easier to apply to rough surfaces and can treat large areas faster.

By matching fingerprint-finding procedures to the local geology, it is possible to get prints from at least some stones, according to Australian research published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

And just recently, based on a study conducted by the forensic scientists working for the police force in Israel, researchers got visible fingerprints from limestone, chert, granite and brick, with the best results on limestone and chert.

The team found that the best method depended on how porous the rock was. When rocks are more porous (like limestone), the best techniques are those also used to get prints from other porous surfaces like wood (powder followed by ninhydrin).

Methods for nonporous surfaces such as glass should be used on chert and other nonpermeable rocks (powder followed by superglue).

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