Can I vote in north dakota as a felon

Not Legal Advice: In the state of North Dakota, individuals incarcerated for a felony conviction are ineligible to vote. Voting rights are automatically restored upon release from prison, and people on parole or probation can vote. Ex-offenders should re-register to vote.

Under North Dakota Election Laws, a qualified voter of the state is a person who:

1. Is a citizen of the United States;

2. Is 18 years of age or older;

3. Is a resident of this state and of the precinct at least thirty days next preceding any election; and

4. Is not presently serving a term of actual incarceration as a convicted felon.

5. Meets the identification requirements specified in sections 16.1-05-07 and 16.1-07-06.

NDCC §§ 16.1-01-04 and 12.1-33-01

Laws vary in each state. While many states restore voting rights to individuals automatically after they exit jail or prison, others permanently disenfranchise people with a past felony conviction or require they petition the government to have their right restored.

See a short up-to-date state guide to voting for ex-offenders shared by

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