can i get a gps coordinate on where i am exactly right now?

Yes, you can find your coordinates if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Device, or a computer nearby (best if you know your current address to use the computer).

There's a free app in the Apple App Store called GPS Coordinates which immediately acquires and displays the user's Latitude and Longitude, as well as a pin in a map graphically showing your location.

The Android Market also offers a free app called GPS Coordinates and Location. This app offers features similar to the iPhone app, displaying your GPS location as well as optionally displaying it on a Google map.

If you use a computer you can go to Google Maps and enter your address (or scroll around to show your location), and then Right-Click on the map and choose "What's Here."

Your Latitude and Longitude will instantly be displayed in the map's search bar.

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