Can HTC inspire connect to tv

The htc Inspire is able to connect to a TV, but it must be the right TV in the right situation. A wired/hard connection may be difficult since the Inspire does not have an HDMI output port like similar devices from other carriers.

If the Inspire and TV are set up with the same software, such as DLNA, then a wireless connection is possible. If this feature is available on the TV is should be clearly noted.

Newer htc devices that are running at least htc Sense 4 can take advantage of the updated technology of the htc Media Link (sometimes called Medialink).

In early 2012 htc announced their re-release of Media Link. It accomplishes the same function as the original release, but with updated technology. The Media Link’s function is to wirelessly connect an htc device to a TV or other HDMI equipped device. The cost for this convenience is around $90 for the hardware.

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