Can bed bugs live inside the human body?

No, as repulsive as they are, the one thing bed bugs do not do is live inside of the human body.

So where do they live? Bed bugs tend to hide in small cracks and crevices close to a human environment. They often live behind wallpaper, upholstery, in furniture crevices, and baseboards.

However, bed bugs are good hitchhikers, and will hide in suitcases, boxes, and even shoes to be near a food supply: human blood.

Other hiding places include:

  • • Electrical switchplates
  • • Picture frames
  • • Cars
  • • Buses
  • • or any other shelter

While bed bugs were previously not believed to transmit diseases to humans, now Newsweek is reporting that new research indicates that Bedbugs Could Spread Deadly, Heart-Damaging Chagas Disease.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency offers their Top Ten Tips to Prevent or Control Bed Bugs, provides 15 Tips for Avoiding Hotel Bedbugs, and PestWorld offers tips for Bed Bug Prevention When Traveling.

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Tuesday, November 25 2014

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