Are they doing a sequel to the film munger road

Sources suggest that after the release of the original film "Munger Road", filmmaker Nick Smith planned to begin the production of its sequel during spring of this year with projections to come out at Halloween time. However, there's no IMDb page for the film, nor does the original film’s Facebook page mention anything about it, so we are only cautiously optimistic at this time.

The movie is about a group of teenagers exploring Munger Road, where a tragedy occurred years earlier. Something terrifying happens to the group, forcing police to acknowledge there is a returning killer lurking in the area as thousands of people prepare for the annual Scarecrow Festival.

In movie buzz, is "You're Next", the next great horror film of 2013? The movie is about an entertainingly dysfunctional family gathering for a weekend in a newly acquired multi-room home of the mother and father. Something goes bump in the night, and before the blessing can be finished at the dinner table, arrows are crashing through windows, giving some supporting members an early exit. Check out more at the Examiner.

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