Are andie mcdowall and Rodney mcdowall and Malcolm macdowall related

We found no references pointing out that these personalities are related to one another.

Before we go further with their family backgrounds, notice how their similar sounding last names are spelt differently: Andie MacDowell; Malcolm McDowell; Roddy McDowall.

Malcolm's real surname is Taylor. McDowell is his mother's maiden name. He was born as Malcolm John Taylor to parents Charles and Edna Taylor on June 13, 1943 in Leeds, England.

Andie MacDowell was born on April 21, 1958 in Gaffney, South Carolina to Pauline Johnston (Oswald), a music teacher, and Marion St. Pierre MacDowell, a lumber executive.

Actor and photographer Roddy McDowall (Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude McDowall) was born on September 17, 1928, in London, England. He was the only son of Thomas McDowall, a merchant seaman, and his wife, Winsfriede Corcoran.

After a long battle with cancer, Roddy McDowall died on October 3, 1998, in Studio City, California. He was 70 years old.

Of interest, Malcolm McDowell and Andie MacDowell have worked together in the 1992 film "The Player".

In one of the scenes, producer Griffin Mill (played by Tim Robbins) is taking a meeting with a pair of screenwriters at a hotel. In a veritable tour of the lavish Art Deco property, Robbins bumps into Malcolm McDowell in the lobby and Andie MacDowell in the bar, where they schmooze about Roddy McDowall.

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