Are actresses Katie, Jean, Liz& Pamela Segal all related

Katey Sagal is the older sister of twin actresses Jean Sagal and Liz Sagal. Pamela Adlon (née Segall) is not related.

Katey Sagal was born January 19, 1954 in Los Angeles, California. She landed a few television movie roles in the early 1970s. In the 1980s, she returned to acting and landed a role on Mary. She had better luck with her next series, Married... With Children. After the series ended, she appeared in television movies and a few short-lived sitcoms and later made several television guest appearances.

Liz and Jean were born on October 9, 1961. They starred in NBC's Double Trouble back in 1984. Liz Sagal played Allison, the bookish, organized and responsible one. Jean Sagal depicted Kate, the somewhat dizzy, manipulating and shrewd one. See more at

Katey, Liz and Jean are the daughters of the late Boris Sagal, the award-winning television director.

Pamela Segall on the other hand, is the daughter of the late writer and producer, Don Segall.

Pamela married Felix Adlon in the 1990s. She took on her husband's last name and has since been known as Pamela Adlon.

Pamela comes from an acting family and began her career in television in 1983. She has appeared in many popular TV shows, including as a voice actress in a number of animated TV series including, most famously, King of the Hill (1997) for which she won an Emmy for her role as Bobby Hill.

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